Bojan Lipovšćak

Bojan Lipovšćak Bojan Lipovšćak
Bojan Lipovšćak
Bojan Lipovšćak
Bojan Lipovšćak HRT
Bojan Lipovšćak
Bojan Lipovšćak

Born in Zagreb on 30Th November 1949., entered the University of Natural Sciences, department of Physics in 1968. Graduated in 1974 at the Department of Geophysics and meteorology. Work at Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Croatia in the weather prediction department.
In 1974 post-graduate studies at the University of Zagreb. In December 1978 M.Sc. with thesis: "The comparison of several methods for calculation of pressure gradient force in the sigma coordinate system". In 1986  doctors' degree in the field of physics with thesis: "Automatic cloud classification based on numerical satellite data". Since 1979 head in the Center for hail suppression of the Hidrometeorological Institute dealing with development, radar meteorology and methodology of influence on weather processes. In the period from 30.01. to 30.07.1983. and 1.10. to 1.12. 1984. member of the INTERACT project team, under sponsorship of the UNDP, UNFSST and the government of India in Secunderabad (India). For the paper "Automatic Cloud Classification" IETE Technical Review (Jun 1986) received "K.S. Krishnan Memorial Award - 1986".
From 1987. joined the GZAOP - Computer center of city of Zagreb acting as managing director responsible for GIS (geo info system). From 1995.  working with Platinum technology a US based software developing company, as managing director of Platinum technology d.o.o., Croatia.
From 2005. back in meteorology working in Hydrometeorological Institute of Croatia as senior advisor  dealing with international affairs. Member of several organizations and commissions representing Croatia in EUMETCAL, EUMETSAT and EUMETNET. As meteorological radar specialist lecturer in EUMETCAL radar working group.
2015 retired , from 2021 until now working as Weather forecaster and presenter at N1 TV network.

Member of the Executive committee of the Council for remote sensing of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art.
2016 award for contribution and work in the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Commission for Basic Systems (CBS).

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Other ocupations
Member of the organizing bodies of several sport events, Olympic games, University games .
1969 – 1998 member of organizing committee of the competitionGolden Spin of Zagreb responsible for music reproduction, bulletins.
1982 -1984 member of the Organizing committee of Winter Olympics Sarajevo 84 acting as Competition director for figure skating event.
1987 University’87 games Zagreb – time keeping and scoreboard system managing director.
1988 World junior athletics Varazdin - responsible for time keeping and scoreboard system.
1997 Nagano Winter Olympics member of ORIS team, figure skatingevent.
1987 – 2004 member of organizing committees for Show jumping,athletics’, auto rally - responsible for timing and data processing.
2008 head of the organising committee ISU European championship's in figure skating – Zagreb 2008.

Competed in figure skating from 1962. to 1967. Three time senior champion of Jugoslavia. After competing career in figure skating, he continues his work as a judge. He participate as judge and referee on national and international competitions, International Skating Union (ISU) world and European championships He was elected member of the ISU Disciplinary Commission.

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Bojan Lipovšćak Bojan Lipovšćak